Hi there! In the market for a fresh and clean PDF designed by a professional? Just fill out the following questions and you're halfway there, handball it off to me and you're on your way to beautiful PDF design heaven!
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eg. I provide actionable steps to help families improve their health
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Down to the more nitty gritty stuff.
Would you rather Landscape or Portrait?

If you're not sure I'll decide based on what will suit your content best.

Do you have existing brand colours?

If you don't have existing colours we can discuss during the development of your PDF.

Do you expect readers to print out or use your PDF on their computer?

Would you like type-able fields and clickable elements?

What do you think your user is more likely to WANT to do - type in the information on the computer, or put pen to paper? Longer documents I'd generally advise not using typeable fields.

What style speaks to you the most?

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