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3. What would you say are your customers 3 biggest frustrations when it comes to your product/services?

List 3 of your direct competitors

Let me know how I can help you to stand out
Is there anyone your product or service is definitely, NOT for?

What unique qualities define your business?

Describe the feeling you have when you are offering your service/product

Describe the feeling you want your client to feel when walking away having just received your product or service

(eg. Successful, loved, powerful etc)
What is the feeling you want to experience when looking at your Brand Identity or logo?

Your Brand Identity is the silent ambassador for your brand. Now imagine this is a person. What would you want him or her to say to your customers when you're not around?

Do you have a tag line?

If yes, would you like it to appear alongside your logo?
If you had to pick a symbol or image to represent your company, what would it be and why?

Would you say your product or service is aimed at which market segment?

Where will your logo primarily be used?

Or if you have a logo currently where is it used currently?

Do you have any colour preferences or existing brand colours?

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Any other comments or suggestions?

Anything I haven't asked or you want to know?
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Here are some of the ways I can help you:
I can help you shape your ideas, shift your mindset, strategize, implement, create and map out a business that’s everything you believe in and that’s profitable too. Plus, craft you a beautiful brand that speaks in your voice.

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