Congratulations on making it here. 

You’ve made it this far which means you’re committed to living in a way that most people don’t, or won’t ever dream of.

You’ve had a creative idea, you’ve imagined something, and now you want to shape it into something real. You want to see if those ideas you have hold any weight. 

Let’s see how I can help.
Let's go!
The fastest way to get there is to find someone who’s been there, and who can help you to do the same. That’s where I come in. 

I can help you shape your ideas, shift your mindset, strategise, implement, create and map out a buisness that’s everything you believe in and that’s profitable too.

Your name?

Do you currently have your own business?

What’s this business called?

Is your business {{answer_2191769}} what you wanted to chat to me about?

That’s cool. Is this a new project or endeavour you wanted to discuss?

Awesome. So tell me in a few sentences what your business/project is about?

If you don't know yet you can skip. If you have some ideas, jot them down.
Out of 10 cats, how excited are you to work on this project?

1 cat for it’s something you have to do, 10 cats for I’m jumping out of my skin excited.

Do you have a website I can take a peek at to get more of an idea about what you do?

If you don't have a website either skip this question or paste your Instagram link.
Ok {{answer_2147369}} we’re almost there. Anything specific you want to discuss?

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Awesome! I love generating new ideas, making new connections is one of my genius zones.

Awesome! Visual Branding is one of my specialties.

Strategy is one of my favourite things to talk about, you’ve come to the right place.

Getting back on track to gain some clarity is essential for you and your business, let me help you with that.

How would you be most comfortable talking to me?

If you find video calls draining, we can just do video first time round, and audio after that. Or all audio, or all video, whatever works for you!

What’s your Skype handle? *

I will add you & call you at the booked time - please make sure you have accepted my request (otherwise I won’t be able to call you.) You can add me too - I'm staceyjessop
Nicely done {{answer_2147369}}!

I can't wait to hear what you have in store. 

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Stacey xo
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